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Dress code for dancers

 For normal classes, please wear anything black, suitable to dance in.  We have a dress code rather than a strict uniform, as it's much better to dance in something that feels comfortable for you.  Hoodies and T-shirts with our logo on are available to order. 

No jeans, or clothes that cover your body movement.  Your teacher needs to see your body line to improve your dance skills.  Yoga-style pants, athletic tops, leggings, and leotards are all acceptable.  All hair must be pulled away from the face.  

Remember safety sense and please don't wear earrings, jewellery, or watches, which might injure either the wearer or another person if caught on them.  Remember that we often move quickly!

All shoes should be black.  Most people prefer to wear black ballet shoes, dansneakers or jazz shoes for class.  Please do not buy coloured jazz sneakers as you will not be able to use them for performances.  We use tap shoes regularly,  and all tap shoes should be black.  Young Beginners should wear pvc, leather or canvas flat tap shoes with attached toe taps.  Senior classes should wear Tele-tone  taps in a Cuban heel or Oxford style, and those at grade three or above may choose to have heel taps.  Black Oxfords for boys.  

For performances and exams, all dancers need a black leotard, this can be any style.  Younger dancers usually choose one of the short sleeved styles and older girls will require a black sleeveless leotard, although again there are many different styles to choose from. 

The full guidance is available in our policy file.

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