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For dancers...

Dance with your heart, and your feet will follow

 Our dance school is a fun place to be!  All the members are friendly and love meeting new people, and as we all share

a love of dancing it's never difficult to make friends.  To start with, there's a free class for you to try it out, and we

have performances and shows through the year.  We perform at the Theatre Royal every year - which has been the

highlight of our year since our dance school started!  For those who wish to, there will be opportunities to do medal

tests, trophies and exams.   We have a happy atmosphere and welcome all dancers at all levels.  To begin with, you

don't need much except yourself and some comfortable clothes you can dance in, just give us a call to book your place

and come to join us!  You might also like our community page on facebook, with a members private group for information.

At the point when you would like to get some shoes and dancewear, take a look here and at the next section on the

website menu called "dress code" where you will find out what you need. 

Do some research before buying!  Ask members of your group and teachers if you need advice.

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